I am a creative consultant — I help artists and entrepreneurs like you bring your projects to life.

Seriously, though, what does a Creative Consultant actually do?

Simply put, I enable a collaborative process that combines self-inquiry with strategic planning. As a result, you have both the inspiration and the skills necessary to reach your creative goals. Together, we can:

Start or finish a major creative project.

Overcome your creative blocks.

Enjoy productive creative work sessions.

Throughout, we speak in-person or via phone at regular intervals in a process tailored to your individual needs and talents.

Why me, you ask?

From hundreds of bylines, a couple of novels, epic art events, and a recently released feature film — I get my projects done on-time, online, and into the world. Moreover, I take tremendous joy and satisfaction in helping creative people get their beloved projects off the back burner and onto the buffet of life. I also enjoy torturing metaphors.

So, let’s chat. Click below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call so we can explore how I can best serve you as your creative consultant.

“Creativity is not a talent but an attitude.”

— Jenova Chen