I am a creativity coach — I help artists, writers, performers, and entrepreneurs like you develop your creative and artistic talent. Why? So, you can bring your projects (and your soul back) to life.

Seriously, though, what does a Creativity Coach actually do?

Simply put, a creativity coach enables a collaborative process that combines self-inquiry with strategic planning. As a result, you have both the inspiration and the skills necessary to reach your creative goals. Together, we can:

Start or finish a major creative project. Finally.

Overcome your creative blocks and promote accountability.

Implement productive feedback and enjoy creative jam sessions.

Throughout, we speak in-person or via phone at regular intervals in a process tailored to your individual needs and talents.

Why me, you ask?

From hundreds of bylines, a couple of novels, epic art events, and a recently released feature film — I get my projects done on-time, online, and into the world. Moreover, I take tremendous joy and satisfaction in helping creative people get their beloved projects off the back burner and onto the buffet of life. I also enjoy torturing metaphors.

When you’re a creative person who’s not living creatively-expressed, it’s like living a lie of omission. The facts of your life don’t align with your inner truth. Your life becomes all plot and no story. I’ve been there. I’ve known intimately the pain of living “on mute.” I also know how to beat it and that I have a unique gift for galvanizing creative people like you when most needed. Which is right…about…now. Amirite?

Don’t hesitate. Let’s chat. Click below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call so we can explore how I can best serve you as your creativity coach.

“Creativity is not a talent but an attitude.”

— Jenova Chen